Exception to Requirements

During the development and execution of web based applications many exceptional situations may arise that interrupt the normal interaction of the system with its environment. When developing dependable software, Eskdale Solutions aim to foresee these exceptional situations and document how the system should deal with them.

Any such exception that is not identified during requirements elicitation might potentially lead to an incomplete system specification during analysis, and ultimately to an implementation that lacks certain functionality, or even behaves in an unreliable way, or in a way that is not expected by the users of the system.

i.e. the exceptional interaction between the actors and the system, necessary to recover from such situations in handler use cases.


Eskdale Solutions will take all reasonable steps to develop & maintain a website meeting the needs of the project as briefed. Each element quoted will be detailed & priced accordingly in a detailed breakdown; any item not detailed will not be included.

Eskdale Solutions will be delighted to provide support but will not in under any circumstances or in tort be held financially liable for the design, restitution or development of items not specifically included.

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