Keyword & Competitor

Keyword Research and Competitor analysis is the foundation of any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process. Without research, the whole focus of your website will be based on hunches and guesswork.

Keyword research is the process of analysing and choosing the search phrases that can best help relevant visitors to find your website. For your web marketing strategy to succeed, it is vital to know and understand your competition, know your audience and know how to reach them. The research process will help ensure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions. At Eskdale Solutions, we've got over 18 years of experience and access to many of the best analysis tools available so why not get in touch either online or by call on 013873 80392.

keyword research


We use a number of keyword research tools to identify keywords but need to start with a list of words based on your experience (We call these seed words or seed phrases). We suggest that you brainstorm with your colleagues and clients to identify seed phrases that you believe are most likely to get qualified traffic to your site. We can facilitate the brainstorming or work with phrases that you provide.


Once the research is complete, we need to analyse the data. Imagine you are a Builder in Carlisle and have built a page targetting Carlisle; phrases may include: Carlisle Builder, Builder Carlisle, Builder in Carlisle, etc. If the phase "Carlisle Builder" generates say 200 searches per month and the others only 50, this indicates that your page is likley to get most qualified visitors by optimising for the phrase "Carlisle Builder".


Once you have made your final keyword selection you'll then need to use the keywords in different areas of your website including; In the page body (2-4 times per page), In the Meta Title & Meta Description Tag, In the Headlines, in the Alt Tags, image descriptions and as Anchor text when creating internal hyperlinks. Of course if we've been appointed to build and optimise your site, this will all be carried out during the build.

Review & Adjust

Keyword and competitor research should be reviewed regularly through a process of discovery, analysis & deployment to create a cycle that results in ever increasing numbers of relevant visitors - more relevant visitors result in increased engagement and more sales and/or leads from your website. Once you have done this once, it will become second nature, with our help youl soon be reaping the rewards.

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